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What are you like?


Below and on the attached sheet are 25 things that will either apply to you or not. OK, so you know what you like and don't like but what about the others in the group or class?


The task is to collect information for everyone in the group or class - so that the name of every person who was born in July appears in box one, everyone who hates football is in box two . . . etc.


First names should be enough (unless there are two or more with the same first name - then use an initial like Matthew T, Matthew K).


Each person needs to finish with a completed sheet, with his or her own name at the top. Include your name in the appropriate boxes too. How you get that finished sheet is up to you.


Once you have all the information, look to see if there is anyone who is an exact match to yourself?


If there is no exact match, whose profile most closely matches yours? Whose profile is the most different?


Write down the name of the closest and most different next to your name on the top of the sheet.


Hand the sheet in to your tutor when requested.


You can print this table from this link.




1 Born in July

2 Hates football

3 Can dance

4 Can't dance

5 Fitness fanatic

6 Can draw

7 Loves chocolate

8 Has a dog

9 Has a cat

10 Hates animals

11 Drives a car

12 Owns a car

13 Likes rugby

14 Plays computer games a lot

15 Travels by bus daily

16 Has a level 3 qualification

17 Supports Luton FC

18 Has never been abroad

19 Has lived overseas

20 Wears jewellery

21 Can speak more than one language

22 Enjoys cooking

23 Hates garlic

24 Plays a musical instrument

25 Has a Facebook or MySpace page


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