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Page history last edited by Andrew Hill 12 years, 8 months ago

Staff Development Day

Monday 29 October 2007


Purpose of the day


The staff training and development day has been themed to support you in your role in dealing with students whose personal and health circum,stances impact on their learning.


In education today we carry a much greater social responsibility than was the case in previous generations. many of our students present challenges to their learning that we can recognise and address if we are properly trained.


the sessions arranged for the day are intended to give you an understanding and improved confidence in providing the caring context that Dunstable College stands for.


Where relevant, recent legislative changes will be explained so that you are aware of your responsibilities in relation to equality law in education and work.


I hope you enjoy the day. Please provide feedback so that we can plan more and better courses for you in the future.


Chris Vesey





9am - 4pm Makaton Sign Language Training (First day, continuing on 1 November) Mike Harris C212
9:45am Registration and Coffee   Refectory
10:15am Welcome and Introduction to the Day Jerry Goodwin Hall
10:30am Parallel sessions:    
  The Muslim Learner's Perspective Farrah Riaz and former students Boardroom
  Mental Health Awareness, with some emphasis on young people Theresa McCloskey A305
  Understanding and supporting students with Autistic Spectrum Disorders Sally Cripsey A206
  Supporting the Dyslexic Learner Margaret Malpas A107
  Recognising Disability and responding appropriately Gwen Lowe and the Learning Support Team C302
12:30pm Lunch   Staff Room
2pm Parallel sessions:    
  Black Boys Can David Lewis Boardroom
  Supporting the Dyslexic Learner Margaret Malpas A107
  Using Equal Opportunities Materials in the Classroom Charlotte Puddifoot C206
  Disabled! Are You? Dean O'Connell C205
  Recognising and Coping with ADHD in the Classroom Joe Sellers C302
` How to Respond to Self-harming Learners Nadia Power A204

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